Qestions & Answers Gas Network Codes Functionality Platform

Q: Will stakeholders also have the right to introduce amendments for the codes directly to ACER (cf. regulation), and not only via the platform?

A: The Functionality platform is about the implementation and functioning of the network codes – and will be aiming at finding pragmatic solutions/guidance on stakeholder issues within the framework of the existing network codes. If the functionality process indicates that a solution can only be achieved by changes to the code in question, then the normal process for code amendments is to be followed. The right of stakeholders to suggest amendments directly to ACER is not influenced by the new platform.

Q: Are there specific timings for the process?

A: Issues can be reported at any time. Once a month ACER and ENTSOG will jointly discuss the validation, categorisation and prioritisation of these issues. The development of a solution for an issue will depend on the complexity of the issue.

Q: What are the criteria for prioritisation?

A: The criteria for prioritisation will take into account the overall impact of the issue, for all stakeholders as well as for the market. Furthermore the urgency with which the issue has to be solved will be taken into consideration. Concrete criteria for the prioritisation might be further developed within or after the pilot phase.

Q: Do the results of the outcome of issues passed to national NRAs / TSOs come back to the platform?

A: Issues which turn out to be more national than European in character will be sent to the concerned NRAs and/or TSOs for follow-up. It would be good if the results of their dealing with these issues would come back to the platform.

Q: Is there a possibility to be informed by email (or other means) when new issues have been raised or do I have to look actively on the platform?

A: For the time being such a functionality is not included in the platform – if stakeholders find it helpful it may be included in the future.

Q: Is it possible that an Organized Market Place is registered as a user of the platform?

A: Yes, as an entity directly engaged in the gas market this will be possible.

Q: is registration for ICT professionals acceptable so that they can be informed about specific solutions and they can be ready to deliver better updated ICT applications to TSOs?

A: It is the intention to make public the commonly agreed solutions, and therefore this will also be available for ICT professionals. The process as such will be open to the companies, institutions and associations directly involved in the gas market or its regulation.

Q: My business area is not mentioned in the list of professionals who can register on the Platform but I have a strong interest in reporting an issue or getting detailed information about reported issues. What can I do?

A: Please contact the support team of the Gas Network Codes Functionality Platform at support@gasncfunc.eu or through the Contact page and explain your situation and how your business area is affected by the implementation of a Network Code. We will consider your case and give you feedback as soon as possible.

N.B. If you still have not found an answer for your question, please contact support team at support@gasncfunc.eu or through the Contact page