Terms of Use for www.gasncfunc.eu

By accessing and using any section of this website, you acknowledge, accept and agree to any and all of our Terms of Use as described below, and otherwise contained on or referenced on this website.
These Terms of Use specify the extent to which you will have access to the website. And what type of issues shall be notified on this website.

What is the Gas Network Codes Functionality Platform?

This website is part of “the Functionality Process for Gas Network Codes”, co-managed by ACER and ENTSOG and supported by the Commission.
This process allows stakeholders to raise and discuss the issues they face regarding network codes and CMP Guideline following the requirements set in Regulation 715/2009.
The website is the communication tool between stakeholders on the one side and ACER and ENTSOG on another side. This is where the stakeholders can publicly address their concerns. ACER and ENTSOG will further process provided input: validate, categorize and prioritize the issues and develop commonly the issue solution. Please note that the platform, as an informal tool, does not replace any formal procedure.
In particular, there are separate processes to request a Network Code amendment or to start an infringement procedure. The Functionality Process and this website are not a substitute to the formal network code amendment process where requests may be directly addressed to ACER. More generally, should you decide that the platform is not the appropriate tool to raise your issue, even if relevant to the process, it remains possible to contact ACER and ENTSOG bilaterally.

Who can access the website?

Everyone can access the website. However, only registered users can report an issue for further elaboration. Business area professionals entitled to become registered users are:

  1. Network users;
  2. European Union institutions;
  3. Energy Community institutions;
  4. Member States representatives;
  5. European associations of the Energy Sector;
  6. National Associations of the Energy Sector;
  7. National regulatory authorities;
  8. Transmission system operators;
  9. Distribution system operators;
  10. ACER;
  11. ENTSOG;
  12. Third parties acting on behalf of the above mentioned;
  13. Other organizations if agreed between ACER and ENTSOG.

A registered user have full access (read mode) to the issues, reported by him / her, as well as to the list of all reported issues, submitted by all registered users with all provided details, except for information uploaded as confidential. Furthermore the User can use an alias. Alias (Screen name) is used when the User (and the company he/she represents) wishes to remain anonymous. When an Alias is used, the real name is visible to the website administrators only.
While they do not have access to the report form, non-registered users have access to the list of all reported issues with limited details (number, name, short description, Interconnection Point(s) and Member State(s) concerned).

What issues can be reported?

In principle all issues associated with the network codes or guideline may be reported by the registered users. However, in case where previously addressed issues are being re-submitted, the scope of the Functionality Process is limited to those for which the change in materiality can be shown.

Further validation criteria can be applied, if agreed between ACER and ENTSOG.

After the submission, ACER and ENTSOG will first validate whether the reported issue corresponds to the scope of the Functionality Process. Successfully validated issues will be further categorized and prioritized.

How to report an issue via the Gas Network Codes Functionality Platform?

In order to have access to the report form, you must be registered and logged in on the website.

To register on the website, you must submit valid information included into registration request, then confirm you have read, understood and accepted these Terms of Use by checking the specific box also included into registration request. Please note that:

  • By submitting the filled out registration request you declare that you are authorized to act on behalf of the entity specified in the registration request and you accept that ACER and ENTSOG can use the information provided in proposal(s) for issue solution and eventually consult with other stakeholders
  • If you do not agree with the Terms of Use, you will not be allowed to submit the registration form for approval.

After submitting the registration request, the data will be reviewed by the website administrators, who will check your eligibility. If you are eligible, administrators will create a user account.

To report an issue as a registered user, you shall log in so as to have access to the report form. You must fill in all mandatory fields. The Gas Network Codes Functionality Platform allows you to:

  • Upload supporting documents in the supported format;
  • Submit confidential and non-confidential supporting documents. Your confidential documents are only visible to you, ENTSOG and ACER, and will not appear in list of all reported Issues and their details. Your non-confidential documents will be available in read mode for all registered users. User decides what to upload as confidential or in read mode available for the others.