A public consultation summary and an issue solution have been published


A public consultation summary and an issue solution have been published on the FUNC Platform

ACER and ENTSOG have today published a summary of the public consultation on the issue ‘Greater flexibility to book firm capacity’ and a solution related to the issue ‘Amending the EU legislation’.

Gas Network Codes Functionality Platform: working towards greater flexibility at gas interconnection points

ACER and ENTSOG are currently assessing a request by the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET), asking for greater flexibility to book firm capacity at interconnection points. 

To get a better understanding of the needs of the market, ACER and ENTSOG launched a public consultation to collect stakeholder input on the issue reported by EFET as well as their proposal for its solution. The Public Consultation was launched on 18 December 2020 and was open for responses until 5 March 2021. ACER and ENTSOG have published a summary of the public consultation results and its responses

Applying the Network Codes in neighbouring countries

Moreover, the Gas Transmission System Operator in Ukraine (GTSOU LLC), addressed the Energy Community Secretariat, ENTSOG and ACER, raising a proposal to amend the Network Code on capacity allocation mechanisms in gas transmission systems and the Network Code on interoperability and data exchange rules. The aim would be to ensure their mandatory implementation at the interconnection points (IPs) between an EU Member State and a Contracting Party to the Energy Community Treaty.

In the process of validating, categorising, and prioritising the proposal, ACER and ENTSOG have determined that it is not valid for the FUNC process. The issue have therefore been closed on the FUNC Platform without being further processed. The solution paper and relevant documents are available on the issue page. 

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